Services - Overview

As a genuine manufacturer, we are ideally positioned to offer not just standard products, but also a range of services and technologies that we use to manufacture our own products.

In the last decade our business has been evolving ever more towards Contact Manufacture of bespoke Orthopaedic Instruments. This now represents more than half of our business, and we are continuing to invest in machinery and technologies that help us progress in this direction.

We offer Precision Engineering Services geared towards the Medical Device industry. We employ the latest technologies to enable us to offer everything from Design, through Prototyping and on to Full Production Runs, and can assist with everything from a single component or device, through to a full Instrument System.

We specialise in the production of complex, tightly toleranced components and assemblies, using state of the art technology. Our decades of experince manufacturing Surgical Instruments makes us particularly skilled at producing products that have a degree of assembly and fabrication about them.

From Concept to Design to Manufacture, our team of highly expreienced skilled technicians can deliver the quality the orthopaedic industry and many other engineering sectors expect, both on time and in budget.

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