Services - Process List

We carry out all of the following processes in-house at our factory in Wickford, Essex, UK:

> 2 Axis - 42mm Bar Capacity
> 4 Axis Mill-Turning With Sub-Spindle - 65mm Bar Capacity
> Various Manuals & Capstans
> 5 Axis Vertical CNC With Automation
> 4 Axis Vertical CNC
> 3 Axis Vertical CNC
> 4 Axis CNC Wire Eroding
> Manual Spark Eroding
> Manual Surface Grinding
> Various Manual Hand Grinding
Sheet Metal Forming - Hydraulic & Fly Press
Laser Welding
TIG Welding
Spot Welding
Hard (Silver) & Soft Soldering
Mass Finishing - Vibratory Bowl & Centrifugal
Manual Polishing & Finishing
Beadblasting - Glass Bead & Aluminium Oxide
Nylon Powder Coating - Diathermy Insulation
Fibre Loading - For Light Transmission
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Passivation - Citric Process
Laser Marking - Nd:YAG
SolidWorks 3D CAD Design
SolidCAM CAD-CAM Programming
CNC CMM Inspection

We also have access to a network of loyal sub-contractors for the following processes:

Sliding Head Mill-Turning
Laser & Waterjet Profiling
CNC Grinding - 5 Axis
CNC Spark Eroding
Gun Drilling
Cylindrical Grinding
Centreless Grinding
Vacuum Heat Treatment
PVD Coatings - TiN, DLC, etc.
Hard Anodising
Brass Blacking