August 2013
CMM Ordered From Nikon Metrology

LK V 6.5.4 CNC CMM

To further enhance our offering for the Orthopaedic sector, and other precision markets, we have placed and order with Nikon Metrology for a new CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

We have ordered an LK V 6.5.4 CNC CMM. This machine will be fitted with a Renishaw PH10T probe head and a Renishaw TP20 probe, along with a Renishaw MCR20 probe rack to ebnable automated probe changes. The machine features a ceramic bridge and spindle to provide the ultimate in stiffness and stability, which allows it to deliver improved repeatability. It has a working envelope of X=610mm, Y=508mm and Z=406mm.

We are having the machine supplied with the latest version (V3.3) of Nikons CMM Manager software. This software allows programming of the CMM from CAD data, as well as walk-in measurement. It also allows comparison of measured data against nominal CAD data.

We expect to take delivery of the machine in September 2013.